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No ordinary Personal Training and Wellness Studio.

One good change leads to another.  Move more, stress less. Eat better, sleep better. Breathe in, breathe out. Lose the frown, gather smiles.

Beyond Intensity offers you our experience, education and 100% care factor with your fitness, health and wellness.

Whether it is being healthy and fit through the different phases of your life or beyond your normal lifestyle, Beyond Intensity will be of benefit to you.  We have been doing this for a long time and worked with a lot of people probably just like you.

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Want Health? Get Healthy Want life? Get Lively

Make health your default setting.

Winter Offer!
3 Personal Training or Wellness Coaching sessions for only $99!

Offer Expires 31/8/2018

Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

You and your trainer working towards your goals together. Physical or non sweat, face to face, skype or over the phone sessions available.

Fighting Fit Kickboxing

Affordable & Fun, bring a friend or make one there. Kickboxing skills and fitness without any contact.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training (You plus one or a few others and your trainer working towards your goals)



Early bird


open group sessions

  • $5 for current Personal Training Clients
  • $10 for non Personal Training Clients
  • $20 Small Group Pilates 1 hour session
  • Max 12 per Session
  • Bookings required for preparation purposes to Glen on 0411 037 097

Small Group Pilates Personal Training is also offered on Wednesdays and Firdays 9.00-10.00 (max 7 per session)  Call Jacqui on 0421971155 for more information.  Monday evening Small Group Pilates coming soon, so stay tuned.     If you would like to create your own Small Group Personal Training spot with you and your friend/s then discuss with either Glen or Jacqui.

Test your stress level


I remember first meeting Jacqui as my trainer for Boot Camp in Canberra, which was a fun motivator for me to get fit, even though I had never been a gym junkie or actively sporty. Now ….. I’m feeling fitter and happier with my physique I encouraged my partner to come with me…. We always leave in high spirits. She is a very motivated human being, always bubbly, full of life, occasionally animated (ha ha) and full of energy. I’ll miss her happy demeanor but I am thankful to her for making exercise fun for me and helping me make fitness a part of my everyday life.


Since beginning personal training sessions with Beyond Intensity I have seen a great improvement in my muscle definition and Body Shape. I am getting stronger and feel I am getting to the body shape I have always wanted. Seeing the physical results continues to motivate me to exercise and weight train.

Glen you are such a positive influence and you are always encouraging. You keep me focused and looking at the ‘bigger picture’.

I feel like I am really achieving my goals and I am enjoying it at the same time.

Seeing results in a great motivation.