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A Daily Dose of This Medicine Will Do You Wonders

Here is a concept that I really want you to consider, I want you to view exercise and being active as medicine, a dose of goodness to manage your health, weight and wellness. It has been proven over and over that as a preventative measure to ill health and as a ‘cure’ for a lot of ailments, exercise is the best medicine around.

So if we know that this ‘medicine’ called exercise can have such a positive effect on our well being then why isn’t everyone taking their daily dose? Who knows maybe fear, laziness or indecision? Maybe they’re not being prescribed exercise by their medical practitioners but instead are offered the synthetic alternatives in the form of pills, lotions and potions? Maybe they are prescribed exercise but the dosage is incorrect for their current needs? So here is how a Personal Trainer who truly believes in exercise and activity as medicine, would prescribe exercise for you.

Start with a goal and see your goal as being your dessert – something you’re really looking forward to but you need to earn it. Get to your goal in small doses – a bit like a slow release vitamin. If your goal is to drop 20kg then measure out some smaller doses in your calendar so you get use to it. As you adjust to the dosage and you start to feel its benefits then you can increase/alter/adjust/vary the dose.

Make sure you get your measured exercise dosage correct so get some guidance from your specialist doctor your Personal Trainer. It is important to know how much exercise should be taken up, to give you the maximum benefit for your goal. Exercise should be prescribed in a specific dose you know that works for you including type, intensity, frequency and duration.

Definitely sample different types of exercise medicine, until you’ve found what ‘medicinal remedy’ fits best with you or is easiest to swallow. Basically make sure the exercise you ‘take’ is something you enjoy and something that is going to help you get to your goal.

Make health, exercise and being active your default setting for your life. Make a commitment to your health, yourself and your future. You would do the same thing for someone else if it was your role to be their ‘doctor’.

Like eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away, taking a daily dose of exercise medicine in some way nearly every day will lead to a bountiful health and a positive habit. You won’t even have to follow it with a spoonful of sugar to help it go down!

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