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How do you become happy when you’ve lost your happiness? This in itself, is a really sad question but losing your happiness temporarily or what may seem like forever, is one that I think a lot of people maybe have experienced. Happiness is like our sunshine. If you’re days are cloudy and overcast and your sunshine exposure is limited or non existent then you won’t thrive mentally, spiritually or physically and without sunshine or happiness your health will suffer. So how do you find your happiness when its lost?

Well firstly, consider that people possibly look too far afield for happiness when often it is right in front of them. For instance, playing hide and seek with children always ends up in laughter and happiness at our house. A simple, fool proof activity which is a win win for everyone. Taking time to stop and look around you and see all that you could be grateful for, should stir happiness in you. For some of you taking time to allow your eyes to be opened each day might be enough.

Although having a really deep stomach aching laugh with someone is a beautiful, happy experience it may not happen for you every day or week, but starting with the simple things might be the way to go when you’ve lost your happiness. Watching the first rays of sun creep up over the ocean, looking at the richness of your favourite landscape, hearing the laughter of children, watching dogs at play, nurturing yourself with good food, gentle exercise, sunlight and rest – doing simple things like this every day can provide a calm gentle happiness. Happiness comes in many shapes and forms but enjoying it in simplicity is what a lot of us have forgotten how to do.

As tedious as it sounds exercise also plays a big part in happiness. Once you start being active or set about to undertake even just a daily walk, those feel good hormones will be released. They act like little beacons of hope in your brain that actually make you see things a whole lot differently. Depending on your state of mind and how you feel about being around other people will determine whether you prefer to exercise by yourself or in a group. Either way it will be beneficial to your mental state. Suggestion though, choose activities that aren’t too complicated nor physically stressful. Your brain will respond more positively to something that is within its mental capacity and doesn’t fatigue you physically too much and leave you exhausted. Exercise outdoors may be a better option for you or you may prefer being motivated by a session where music is your motivator.

Lots of options and as they saying goes one good change will lead to another. You never know after a short period of time, exercising daily for even just 10 minutes may be the good change your happiness levels need.

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