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Make Health Your Default Setting

Do you relish your daily exercise session or do you shake your head when you see those early morning risers jog past your house at the same time every day while you add an extra teaspoon of coffee to your mug?

Are you mentally ready for exercise or commitment phobic?

Your body might be ready but your mind is having second thoughts. Starting an exercise program might bring on feelings of dread, confusion, memories of pain, frustration or even disappointment. It does take mental preparation to commit to health. Once you know your own mind, setting up an exercise program and participating in things that you enjoy will make it much easier.

Are You Ready to Make a Lifestyle Change?

‘Lifestyle change’ is a common phrase these days. You often hear that people need to make ‘lifestyle changes’ to achieve their goals and reduce the possibility of succumbing to life threatening diseases. Did you know though that making lifestyle changes should be a slow and gradual change? Don’t make all of your changes at once. The human mind can only deal with a couple of changes at a time so for instance don’t wake up and decide to stop drinking, give up smoking, cut out all fat, eat more veges and go to the gym everyday starting now! Choose a couple of those lifestyle changes and allow yourself to get use to them over a 4-5 week period then make a couple more. This will be less shocking, more agreeable and more sustainable to your mind and body.

Is your health a priority in your life?

I bet the health of your loved ones is a priority in your life but what about your own health? Treat yourself like your best friend and make exercise and your health as much a daily priority as drinking water and your new best friend will be very grateful.

Making health you default setting will become the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Everything in your life will change for the better. In may not happen over night or even over a season but give it time, take one step at a time and before you know it, your health will become second nature and your default.

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