BioAge Assessments
Biological age assessment will reveal to you a lot about your current health and make a good starting point to see where you're at right now. So are you a 30 year old in a 50 year old body? We can work with you then on what to do to close the gap for your followup Bio Age comparison assessment.
MyTime is a weekly, 1 hour session based in terms. The program, specifically designed for Women, incorporates fitness, stretching, education and meditation in the one session.
Weekly, 1 hour, Term program based on seriously good fun fitness for teens 10-15yrs - 2 Locations Moonee Yoga Studio and Beyond Intensity Studio Isles Industrial Park.
BeyondIntensity 6 Week Programs
These are run regularly to kickstart or restart or just start your fitness, health and wellness program – includes choice of 7 Open Group Sessions, plus weekly wellness coaching contact and initial health assessment.
Small Group Pilates Fusion
Ongoing Weekly session Pilates Fusion (is based on traditional matwork Pilates where the principles of Pilates are infused into other modalities.
Pot Bellies to Hot Bellies, Motivation, Secrets to Success
Heal2Love. Replace the dragging mill stone of negativity with understanding & self respect & self love. Your life is all about choice. By choosing to create/change one good habit, it will lead to another & another.
Event Preparation
We love working with our clients toward a goal such as an upcoming event. Events we participate in include; Gold Coast Marathon, BCU Coffs Tri, NAB Soccer Challenge and Oceanswim. Come and get prepared with us, join us on the day or let us know about an event you’d like us to help you prepare for.

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