Elizabeth T

I’m looking forward to putting into practise all I learnt from your seminar on pot bellies. It all made so much sense and I was really surprised at the difference it made to my posture.

Jenny, Pam and Sabrina (hot belly girls)

loved your seminar on creating a hot belly from my pot belly… it was relevant, funny and we could actually understand it

Mark H

Thanks guys, I couldn’t believe how the correction in my running style you showed me improved my time in the fun run. I suppose it means I’m running more efficiently and not looking like I’m going trip over any moment. Now all I have to do is be able to beat my girlfriend!


What can I say about Jacqui? She makes you cry, she makes you laugh, she makes you think, she makes you get up at 5.30am. She seeks you out, she checks up on you, she hounds you into class. She’s always there greeting you with a smile, she’s always there ready to help.


Dear Jacqui, Thank you for all your help in making me a healthier, fitter, happier person. You have been an incredibly positive influence in my life and many others.


Glen is a great motivator.

Glen is a diligent teacher ensuring safety and care throughout our sessions.

It is not just about the session in the gym but Glen has taught me it is a lifestyle thing… what you are doing in the other 23 hours you are not at the gym.

We have had shopping trips for groceries to help me understand nutrition, food labels and balance of food groups.

His sessions are fun and he has a genuine concern for my wellbeing. He has really helped build my confidence mentally and physically.


I have worked out with Glen for the past 15 months and have never looked back. Glen has shown me that I CAN do that extra push up, run a bit further and still come up smiling. My goals have been to improve fitness, strength and flexibility. All these continue to improve with the enthusiastic support and drive of Glen. Even when I am training alone and feeling fatigued, I can hear his voice in my head saying’ fatigue is good’ and I push on.

But most of all I have enjoyed the variety of exercises and innovative ways to train and have fun doing it. (Although onlookers may not agree I look like I am enjoying it).

Thanks Glen


Since working with Glen my fitness level has increased markedly. The sessions change regularly to give variety and allow me to concentrate on my areas of weakness. I have more energy and am able to do more. I am also coming to enjoy exercise


I remember first meeting Jacqui as my trainer for Boot Camp in Canberra, which was a fun motivator for me to get fit, even though I had never been a gym junkie or actively sporty. Now ….. I’m feeling fitter and happier with my physique I encouraged my partner to come with me…. We always leave in high spirits. She is a very motivated human being, always bubbly, full of life, occasionally animated (ha ha) and full of energy. I’ll miss her happy demeanor but I am thankful to her for making exercise fun for me and helping me make fitness a part of my everyday life.


Since beginning personal training sessions with Beyond Intensity I have seen a great improvement in my muscle definition and Body Shape. I am getting stronger and feel I am getting to the body shape I have always wanted. Seeing the physical results continues to motivate me to exercise and weight train.

Glen you are such a positive influence and you are always encouraging. You keep me focused and looking at the ‘bigger picture’.

I feel like I am really achieving my goals and I am enjoying it at the same time.

Seeing results in a great motivation.